Praise for Season of the Witch


Winter image

“Winter’s Curse is a fantastic magical adventure, sure to delight readers of all ages… The stakes are high in this exhilarating and captivating Urban Fantasy novel. The characters are written so that I could see them, hear them, experience their joy and fear and sorrow and love. Magic is in the air, and if by some chance you can’t feel it, simply pick up a copy of this book, for you will surely find it within the pages.” –YA and Horror Author, Jacqueline E Smith

“This is one of those reads you find yourself expressing awe at the turn of every page. It’s not only a work with a unique concept, but also pushes the limits of story expectation by surprising you with its narrative… And here’s the thing—in “Winter’s Curse” Wood springs the extraordinary on you in the most ordinary of ways, slipping it in-between the action. From slushy tears to segregation curses to broom flying contests to pennyroyal oil tea, Wood’s imaginative talent shines through… For the fantasy minded, the natural romantic, and the conscientious reader, “Winter’s Curse” will surely entertain.” — Literary Fiction Author, K.P. Ambroziak

“This is a stunning book that I absolutely didn’t want to end. I laughed, I cried and I swooned while reading which are all signs of a great read for me. Winters Curse is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s a fresh, unique and beautiful story. This book is easily one of my favourite reads of the year and April is now an automatic 1-click author. I am looking forward the next book and the rest of this series.” –Book Reviewer, L. Jones

“I adored the intermingling of the magical world and the real world. I loved the magical details and being immersed in the beautiful magical surroundings. I could totally imagine the charm shop and the mystical Yule celebration. This is also a wonderful coming-of-age tale. Winter finds her strength and confidence as she attempts to assimilate into a new life and a new school. The secondary characters were fun to read about, especially the High Priestesses, who with their bickering and conniving added suspense and humor to the story. Looking forward to the next book.”–Women’s Fiction Author, Amanda Gale

“Winter’s Curse is part mystery, part romance, and infinitely readable. It’s the kind of story you want to gobble down in one sitting, then leisurely re-read so you can pick up all the magnificent details and nuances. Highly recommended.”–Fantasy Author, Jennifer Allis Provost

More Reviews can be found on the product page for Winter’s Curse, on Amazon.

Spring image

“April L. Wood has brought us a second bedazzling book in her season of the witch series… There are plenty of elements to enjoy in this story, and like “Winter’s Curse” Wood does an excellent job of delivering her narrative with a charming and witty voice that could very easily belong to a friend you’ve known forever. Spring’s ability to roll with the punches is obvious, and is the aspect we fall in love with most readily. She’s the kind of character who adapts and grows almost instantly… Wood’s writing is delightful, immediate and personable. I look forward to the next season born out of Wood’s witchy world.”

— Literary Author K.P. Ambroziak


“Aprils writing allows for the sounds, scents and scenery to almost become a reality… If you loved that popular high school vampire romance series as much me then you’ll love this book. The writing, plot and setting remains unique and fresh but the swoony hero, the subtle romance and the fantasy seamlessly woven into reality puts me in mind of that series.”-Book Blogger L. Jones

“April L. Wood has a gift. She conjures up very real magic with words, breathing life into a world full of love, laughter, ancient witchcraft, and color. I see color when I read her books. I don’t know how she does it, but I see everything that she describes in vivid detail and astounding shades of greens, blues, violets, pinks. I don’t know of many authors who can do that, I truly admire the few who can. Ms. Wood, thank you for your characters. Thank you for your stories. Thank you for sharing your magic.”

–YA and Horror Author Jacqueline E. Smith

“I always judge a book by whether I miss it when I’m through, and I do miss this one. I’m really enjoying this series. It’s very upbeat and witty, but with patches of darkness that give it a lot of depth. I love the concept of the witches living among humans, and it’s fun to be immersed into the witches’ world… There were some parts that were downright creepy, in a good way!–and the story behind the mystery was very clever. As an aside, I appreciated that the author brought light to the issue of social anxiety; I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to but may not be comfortable talking about. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book helped people feel less alone and perhaps seek help or take comfort in caring friends. Can’t wait for book 3!” –Women’s Fiction Author, Amanda Gale