Spring in Summerland Pre-Order and Chapter One Excerpt! #YA #UrbanFantasy #PNR #IARTG #Preorder #Kindle #Witch

Spring in Summerland Season of the Witch, Book II Š 2017 April L Wood Publishing May 3rd, through Bellatrix Press an Imprint of Prince and Pauper Press *Excerpt* Chapter One Springtime had arrived in Elderberry Thicket, in the forms of crocuses, daffodils, and the sunny splashes of yellow forsythia, but the bitter chill of the air … Continue reading Spring in Summerland Pre-Order and Chapter One Excerpt! #YA #UrbanFantasy #PNR #IARTG #Preorder #Kindle #Witch

✨Conjuring all Book Bloggers ✨ #IARTG #AMREADING #BOOKBLOGGERS

That's right--I'm conjuring book bloggers for both my novels, Winter's Curse, and Spring in Summerland! Watch me work my magic as I add special book blogging potions and herbs to my cauldron! ✨ And just who will step forth? Might it be you? Here are the details: Winter's Curse, by April L Wood SEASON OF THE … Continue reading ✨Conjuring all Book Bloggers ✨ #IARTG #AMREADING #BOOKBLOGGERS

Cover Reveal of Gallowglass, by Jennifer Allis Provost @Parthalan @XpressoTours @bellatrix_press #coverreveal #uf #bookblog

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by Jennifer Allis Provost 
Publication date: June 6th 2017, Bellatrix Press
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Karina didn’t set out to free the Seelie Queen’s gallowglass. Now she’ll do anything to keep him.

After Karina and her brother, Chris’s, lives fall apart in separate yet equally spectacular ways, they leave New York behind and head to the UK. Karina buries herself in research for her doctoral thesis, all the while studiously not thinking about the man who broke her heart, while Chris—who’d been a best-selling author before his ex-fiancée sued him for plagiarism—drinks his way across the British Isles.

In Scotland, they visit the grave of Robert Kirk, a seventeenth- century minister who was kidnapped by fairies. No one is more shocked than Karina when a handsome man with a Scottish brogue appears, claiming to be the Robert Kirk of legend. What’s more, he says he spent the last few hundred years as the Gallowglass, the Seelie Queen’s personal assassin. When they’re attacked by demons, Karina understands how dearly…

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Coming Soon: Spring in Summerland (Season of the Witch II) by April L Wood #bookblast #YA #YALITCHAT #paranormalromance #witch

And the countdown begins! I'm so excited to publish the next installment of Season of the Witch, Spring in Summerland, with Bellatrix Press next month! If you haven't already, please consider adding to your Goodreads TBR List: Blurb When a teen air witch named Spring visits her grandparents—the High Priest and Priestess of the Widow-Tears … Continue reading Coming Soon: Spring in Summerland (Season of the Witch II) by April L Wood #bookblast #YA #YALITCHAT #paranormalromance #witch

And Winter Returns: Winter’s Curse 99 Cent Sale! #99p #kindlebargain #urbanfantasy #ya #Stella #Sale #paranormalromance #winterreads

Hey, Bargain Bookworms! Just last week or so I wrote a post about marching into Spring and what happens? A MAJOR SNOWSTORM of course! In light of Stella Snowpacalypse in New England, Bellatrix Press is offering up Winter's Curse for only 99 pennies on Kindle! And to think my poor daffodils never stood a chance. … Continue reading And Winter Returns: Winter’s Curse 99 Cent Sale! #99p #kindlebargain #urbanfantasy #ya #Stella #Sale #paranormalromance #winterreads

Writer Wednesday: Goodbye February, Hello March! Writer Updates and What’s Next #WW #WriterWednesday #Spring #AmWriting #AmEditing #LitChat #YALItChat @bellatrix_press

I don't know about you, but I am so happy to be marching forward into Spring. The daffodils and crocuses are already popping their heads up outside to greet the sun. And it was still light out tonight, at 6 pm. Spring is coming! What's Happening: Perhaps Spring is weighing so heavily on my mind … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Goodbye February, Hello March! Writer Updates and What’s Next #WW #WriterWednesday #Spring #AmWriting #AmEditing #LitChat #YALItChat @bellatrix_press

Rise of the Deva’shi (Chronicles of Parthalan Book 3) by Author Jennifer Allis Provost @Parthalan @Bellatrix_Press #BookBirthday #BookReview #EpicFantasy #Amreading

Peek into the world of Parthalan…
@Bellatrix_Press @Parthalan

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Happy book birthday to Rise of the Deva’shi, Chronicles of Parthalan Book 3, by Author Jennifer Allis Provost!

riseofA stolen girl. A legendary champion. A plan that might destroy Parthalan once and for all…

Aeolmar, First Hunter of Parthalan, leads a solitary life. Having long since abandoned his quest to kill Mersgoth—the demon that murdered his family—Aeolmar moves through his days with cold efficiency. Everything changes when he leads a training mission in Brennus, where he’s attacked by Mersgoth himself, and saved by an unlikely heroine.

Latera, first born and heir to Gannera’s throne, is kidnapped and left for dead in Parthalan’s vast forests. A lone human amongst Parthalan’s fae, she makes a home in Brennus, and lives a quiet life—until she finds herself defending a wounded First Hunter from a clutch of demons.

Back in Parthalan, Harek warns Asherah of something called the deva’shi—a warrior loyal only to the…

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Small Town. Big Secrets. A #bookreview of Tall Oaks, by Author Chris Whittaker @WhittyAuthor @BonnierZaffre #crime #mysterythriller #amreading

“Everyone has a secret in Tall Oaks…”
#BookReview #Crime #ChildAbduction #Dark #PsychologicalThriller #AWellReadWomanBlog #AmReading

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“In Chris Whitaker’s brilliant and original debut novel, missing persons, secret identities and dangerous lies abound in a town as idiosyncratic as its inhabitants.”
Everyone has a secret in Tall Oaks . . .

When three-year-old Harry goes missing, the whole of America turns its attention to one small town.

Everyone is eager to help. Everyone is a suspect.

Desperate mother Jess, whose grief is driving her to extreme measures.

Newcomer Jared, with an easy charm and a string of broken hearts in his wake.

Photographer Jerry, who’s determined to break away from his controlling mother once and for all.

And, investigating them all, a police chief with a hidden obsession of his own . . .

Paperback, 320 pages
Published September 8th 2016 by twenty7
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Psychological Suspense, Mystery Thriller


I would like to thank Bonnier Zaffre for the complimentary paperback copy.

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Writing Acronyms Every Blogger and Writer Should Know #AmWriting #LitChat

  When I started off as a blogger, writing acronyms confused the heck outta me. If not for Google and the help of patient writer friends, I'd still be mystified as to what those two/three letter acronyms used regularly by writers are. And in a world where we tweet at 140 characters (or less) it's … Continue reading Writing Acronyms Every Blogger and Writer Should Know #AmWriting #LitChat

Valentine’s Day Sale! 💘 #ParanormalRomance #YA #EbookSale #HappyValentinesDay

Fall under the spell of romance with the ya, paranormal romance WINTER'S CURSE (Season of the Witch I) for only 99 cents until Valentine's day on Kindle & Nook!   Before the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the Sun returns, will Winter reverse the curse? When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Sale! 💘 #ParanormalRomance #YA #EbookSale #HappyValentinesDay