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When teen fire witch Summer Wormwood suffers her first broken heart, she burns the evidence of her relationship with ex-boyfriend River in a cauldron and pretends he never existed. It’s a good plan until days later when she arrives at Headmistress Starwort’s Charm School, and he and his new girlfriend, Dahlia, are also present.

Set at Camp Bitter Tonic, Summer trades heartbreak for suntan lotion, s’mores, and fireflies, while dodging the romantic advances of her best friend, Aspen Widow-Tears. Friendships are formed, secrets are shared, and magical lessons are taught. But Summer’s seemingly idyllic retreat is cut short when Aspen ghosts after the Solar Solstice party.

Summer suffers from horrible nightmares and becomes convinced that Aspen’s mysterious disappearance may not have been of his doing. Could it be connected to the Night Hag persistently haunting her sleep? Or is he just pulling another stunt to get her attention?

Entangled in a dangerous, confusing dreamworld, she’s desperate for clarity and answers. The only person who can help her find lucidity is Dahlia Devil-Claw, the water witch that sets her ablaze with jealousy.

Can this fire witch rise above the ashes of her heartbreak? Or will she be burned once again, when she reaches out for help from her rival?

Expected Publication: December 21, 2018, Prince and Pauper Press

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Series: Season of the Witch (Note: This installment can be read as a stand-alone).

Genre: Mystery Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Suspense

Themes: Love and Loss, Jealousy, Coming of Age, Disappearance, Teen in Peril, Pagan/Wiccan, Fire Witch, Friendship

Recommended for: Fans of Mystery, Magic, and Romance.

Rating: PG-13



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