What to Read Wednesday: Featuring Fiction from @MarySmithWriter @SusanMTarr @Zombiiki & @JulieFrayn! #WhatToRead #WriterWednesday

Stuck in a reading slump? Check out my latest (recommended) reads!

What to ReadWednesday

I’ve immersed myself in fiction the past month on A Well Read Woman Blog — escaping into fantasy, horror, fiction shorts, and romance — trying to shake the dreaded writer’s block. (I know fantastic timing with NaNoWriMo.)

The good thing about this is I’ve discovered great new reads and I’m happy to share the bookish love. The following are stories I recommend:

Pocketful of Bones, by Author Julie Frayn


When I saw the cover for Pocketful of Bones floating around social media, I was immediately intrigued by not only the eye-catching design, but the title too. Being familiar with Julie Frayn’s writing style — her almost fantasy-like world building, dark humor, and edge-of-your-seat psychological suspense — I knew I would enjoy her latest, and once again, I was not disappointed!

The opening pages threw me into sensory overload, in the best of ways. Through Frayn’s descriptive writing, I imagined the garden setting and the comfort young Finnegan felt surrounded by his mother’s loving-tended-for garden. Being a garden enthusiast myself, I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees. This visual will stay with me, among my favorite reading memories. It’s scenes like these that fuel my love for reading… Read More

Daughter of the Night, by Author Tiki Kos


Daughter of The Night is action packed with Norse mythology woven throughout. The magic practically jumps off the pages, as this author painted a fantastical world of elven creatures and fae, enchanted forests and castles, that is easy to get wrapped up and lost in. I thoroughly enjoyed the setting and found myself in awe of Kos’ imaginative talent.

Daughter of The Night has not only a heavy emphasis on adventure, but on romance too. DOTN is also a love story, with a swoon-worthy hero named Erik, with dark hair and violet eyes. I’m a huge fan of fantasy romance and found myself falling in love with Erik right along with Serena… Read More

Donkey Boy and Other Stories, by Author Mary Smith


Donkey Boy and Other Stories by Author Mary Smith is a slice-of-life short fiction anthology focusing on a colorful cast of characters from the Middle East and the United Kingdom, as they go about their daily lives, making observations, and just being themselves. The emphasis of Donkey Boy and Other Stories is on the moment, told in first person perspective in present tense. I really enjoyed this method of storytelling… You can read it in one sitting, or enjoy the stories in installments. Definitely entertaining storytelling and highly recommended to fans of slice-of-life fiction… Read More


Friends to the End, by Author Susan M Tarr

friendstotheendLooking to escape into a world of medical drama with a strong emphasis on platonic love? Look no further than Author Susan Tarr’s latest release, Friends to the End: The Journey of a Lifetime… I really enjoyed Friends to the End because of its underlying theme of the intimacies of platonic female friendship and the importance of emotional support, (sharing and overcoming burdens), especially in difficult times. What some may find in a romantic partner and/or marriage, others can find in platonic relationships. I found this perspective/plot point unique, considering the majority of novels that I’ve read have featured women protagonists against backstabbing women antagonists. Friends to the End was an exception, and I found it refreshing… Read More

And in case you’re wondering, I’m happy to say that last night I kicked the aforementioned dreaded writer’s block. I have to say though, my eyes nearly dropped from my skull when I saw the welcome back message from word:

“Welcome back! Would you like to pick up from where you left off on 10/11/17?”

Yeah. An entire month.

Winter’s Curse and Spring in Summerland are back up on Barnes & Noble Nook! With my page reads dropping significantly on Amazon Kindle over the past few months, it was time to branch out.

Grab your Nook Copies:

A teen ice witch chased from her homeland finds herself in danger once again, after a broom flying contest goes awry, and she falls in love with Turmeric Wormwood, despite the Segregation Curse of Old that keeps clans apart.
A teen air witch visits family to escape her smothering parents, only to be stifled by the Spirit Witches that haunt the old Victorian funeral parlor her grandparents call home… Home, sweet funeral home.

Happy reading!


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