Just Because Something is Gifted to You, Doesn’t Give You The Right to Sell It #ARCs #WriterWednesday #Publishing

Just Because Something is Gifted to You, Doesn't Give You The Right to Sell It

We’re talking about ARCs today, readers, and your responsibility to both the author and publisher if you receive one.

Today I was banned from a book selling group on Facebook, for speaking up about the unethical practice of selling ARCs, (or advanced reader copies that are provided to bloggers for promotional purposes). Before I get ahead of myself, ARCs are often uncorrected proofs that are used to get reviews PRIOR to a book’s publication. If you have been trusted with an advanced reader copy consider yourself lucky. This author/publisher trusts you to do right by them.

I will not name and shame this book selling group publicly, but I have reported the moderator. Her feelings are that since ARCs were gifted to her, it is her right to sell these promotional copies in her book selling group, and allows others to do the same. I pointed out that promotional copies are never to be sold, under any circumstance, and to do so could get you potentially sued by the Author and Publisher (in a worst case scenario).

On an ARC I received years ago, a disclaimer was included that if I had received the ARC in error, I was to immediately forward it back to the Publisher, or face legal consequences. The rules are pretty simple: not for sale!

Authors do not make a dime off advanced reader copies. NOT. ONE. DIME. And it costs the publishing company more money to produce the ARC version than the final version. Bloggers who accept ARCS then turn around and sell them should be ashamed of themselves. It’s disrespectful to not only the Author, but the publisher who entrusted you with an uncorrected proof that was never meant for sale to the general public.

Not only are ARCS not for sale, but they are not to be passed around for others to read/borrow after you. Why? Because you are costing the author a sale! It’s not a legal issue, but an ethical one.

Bloggers and readers, hold yourself to a higher standard of ethics. Speak up when necessary if you see someone selling an uncorrected proof. To do anything less harms your favorite authors. For the sake of art and all that’s holy, do not sell or let anyone borrow your ARCs.

Remember, just because something is gifted to you, doesn’t give you the right to sell it.


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