Spring in Summerland, Season of the Witch II, is LIVE! #IARTG #YA #YALIT #PNR #WITCH #FANTASY

springinsummerlandbookcoverfinal.jpgI am so happy to share the news that the paperback version of Spring in Summerland, Season of the Witch II, is now LIVE on Amazon!


Paperback: 262 Pages

Published by Bellatrix Press, an Imprint of Prince & Pauper Press

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Themes: Witchcraft, Teen Witch, Haunting, Spirits, Coming of Age, Love & Romance


When a teen air witch named Spring visits her grandparents for some much needed breathing space from her smothering parents, she’s once again stifled, but this time by the troubled Spirit Witches of Elderberry Thicket who shadow her.

After a chance encounter at her grandparents’ Ostara celebration, romance blooms between Spring and Oak of the Wormwood clan. Love is in the air and Spring is filling up, unlike Oak who at times seems to be holding his breath. Why does the one person she wants around keep his distance?

Spring doesn’t want to meddle in the affairs of the dead, but as her ties grow closer to the witches of Springfield, her initial denial and reluctance transforms into a fierce determination to liberate their loved ones from the Valley of the Dead. As this Spiritist digs deeper to uncover the mystery of why the Spirit Witches aren’t crossing over, she’s ensnared into a web of dark family secrets that span the ages, threatening the innocent if exposed. Except, even angels cast shadows… is Spring protecting the right person?

Young love will blossom and old skeletons will be revealed. Can Spring Widow-Tears deliver the Spirit Witches to the Summerland? Or will she fail to meet her destiny as a Spiritist, sealing her own final fate?

Product Links:

FREE on Kindle Unlimited! ($2.99 to buy)

Paperback $10.99

What Reviewers are saying:

“April L. Wood has brought us a second bedazzling book in her season of the witch series…ย There are plenty of elements to enjoy in this story, and like “Winter’s Curse” Wood does an excellent job of delivering her narrative with a charming and witty voice that could very easily belong to a friend you’ve known forever. Spring’s ability to roll with the punches is obvious, and is the aspect we fall in love with most readily. She’s the kind of character who adapts and grows almost instantly…ย Wood’s writing is delightful, immediate and personable. I look forward to the next season born out of Wood’s witchy world.”
– Literary Author K.P. Ambroziak
“Aprils writing allows for the sounds, scents and scenery to almost become a reality…ย If you loved that popular high school vampire romance series as much me then you’ll love this book. The writing, plot and setting remains unique and fresh but the swoony hero, the subtle romance and the fantasy seamlessly woven into reality puts me in mind of that series.”
-Book Blogger L. Jones
“April L. Wood has a gift. She conjures up very real magic with words, breathing life into a world full of love, laughter, ancient witchcraft, and color. I see color when I read her books. I don’t know how she does it, but I see everything that she describes in vivid detail and astounding shades of greens, blues, violets, pinks. I don’t know of many authors who can do that, I truly admire the few who can. Ms. Wood, thank you for your characters. Thank you for your stories. Thank you for sharing your magic.” -YA and Horror Author Jacqueline E. Smith

New to the Series?

WintersCurseCoverFinalCatch up on Season of the Witch, the book series, by reading Winter’s Curse, Season of the Witch I, for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Paperback: $12.99

Before the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the Sun returns, will Winter reverse the curse?

When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets her granddaughter’s womb in a broom flying contest and loses, Winter wonders where the real danger lies: from the Witch Hunters she fled from the far North or her shady grandmother.
She finds safety with Turmeric of the Wormwood clan. His eagerness to protect her warms her frozen heart. But her love for him defies the Segregation Curse of Old, cast by the Elders to preserve ancient clan bloodlines.

Can they find a way around the Segregation Curse of Old to be together? And with time running out as the Winter Solstice nears, will Winter be able to reverse the curse on her womb? Or will she agree to her fate and remain barren?

About the Author:

5photos6April L. Wood is an author of YA paranormal fantasy, a book blogger for A Well Read Woman Blog, an author interviewer, a professional beta reader, and a caffeinated book reviewer. When she is not glued to her computer or pressing her nose in a book, she is busy obsessing over her gardens to the point of insanity, feeding wildlife, and propagating her ever-growing collection of African violets. She lives in a beautiful historic Tudor-Colonial with her rock star husband, and beloved black cat.

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