Writer Wednesday: Winter and Spring have a new look! #Branding #WriteTip #WriterWednesday #IARTG


Series branding has been my utmost priority within this last week, and really it should have had my attention sooner.

The objective of book series branding is to identify books that are part of a series using common visual elements, such as typography and theme. And don’t forget, branding isn’t only surface deep, as the interior layout design is part of the “series brand” too. Bottom line is that aย clear theme, that flows naturally from book to book in a series, is effective branding. Consistency is key.

The font seemed so minor of a concern until I saw it updated… and with that being said, my novels Winter’s Curse and Spring in Summerland are being redesigned to match one another, (and the rest of the series, when published, will follow)!

The design for Winter remains the same, but with different typography. Spring, however, is getting an entire makeover, as the original design did not come out as intended when printed for paperback. The cover art by Fairytale Design will still be utilized, but after the design fairies work their magic on her, you may not even recognize the original image!

Upon final approval, I expect both to be ready within the week! I look forward to officially unveiling the new covers! Let’s hope it brings more sales!


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