First Reviews Are In For Gallowglass! Here’s What They’re Saying @Bellatrix_Press #amwriting #amreading #IARTG #PNR #urbanfantasy

The first reviews are in for Gallowglass by @Parthalan!

Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Gallowglass Promo Graphic 1

The first reviews are in for Gallowglass, and man are they good! Here are some highlights:

“I loved this book and Robert and Karina. There are secrets and surprises and an ending that did not leave me wondering “what happened”. Can’t wait for more in this series.”

“Gallowglass was a fun whirlwind read. I liked getting to know the characters and the world and I can’t wait to continue the story.”

“Love will be tested and I mean TESTED. After all is said and done, neither Robert nor Karina will question their love for each other….EVER!

As for Chris, well his story took quite a surprising turn. A twist I didn’t see coming. BRAVO, Jennifer! At the end of the day…err book… it is apparent his binge drinking days are over and his life is forever changed. FOR THE BETTER!”

“I loved the sibling dynamic between…

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