Coming Soon: Spring in Summerland (Season of the Witch II) by April L Wood #bookblast #YA #YALITCHAT #paranormalromance #witch

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And the countdown begins!

I’m so excited to publish the next installment of Season of the Witch, Spring in Summerland, with Bellatrix Press next month! If you haven’t already, please consider adding to your Goodreads TBR List:

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When a teen air witch named Spring visits her grandparents—the High Priest and Priestess of the Widow-Tears clan—she expects a relaxing vacation and some much needed breathing space from her parents, not to be once again stifled, but this time by the troubled Spirit Witches of Elderberry Thicket who shadow her.

The valley of the dead—a meeting ground for Spirit Witches in limbo—is overrun with unsettled ghosts. But why do they all collect below High Priest Hazel and High Priestess Violet’s house? Could it be because their house was once a funeral home? Or is something else amiss?

An unexpected romance blooms between Spring and Oak of the Wormwood clan. Young love is difficult enough without intermeddling ghosts in the mix. Together, they seek guidance from Priestess Winter Rose-Thorne. Only, now she’s pulled in too, and they all find themselves entangled in a web of dark secrets that span the ages.

Young love will blossom and old skeletons will be revealed. Can Spring Widow-Tears deliver the Spirit Witches to the Summerland? Or will she fail to meet her destiny, sealing her own final fate?

Expected publication: May 31st 2017 by Bellatrix Press

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance, Mystery

About the Author


April L Wood is an author, book blogger for A Well Read Woman Blog, an author interviewer, a professional beta reader, and a caffeinated book reviewer. When she is not glued to her computer or pressing her nose in a book, she is busy obsessing over her gardens to the point of insanity, feeding wildlife, and propagating her ever-growing collection of African violets. She lives in a beautiful historic Tudor-Colonial with her husband, and their beloved black cat Madison.

She is currently writing Amid Summer’s Nightmare, Season of the Witch Book Three, and A Diamond in the Rough, Book 1 of the Precious Gems book series.

Spring in Summerland, Book 2 of Season of the Witch, will be released May 2017, through Bellatrix Press.



Also by April L Wood:

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Before the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the Sun returns, will Winter reverse the curse?

When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets her granddaughter’s womb in a broom flying contest – and loses, Winter wonders where the real danger lies: from the Witch Hunters she fled from the far North or her shady grandmother.

She finds safety with Turmeric of the Wormwood clan. His eagerness to protect her warms her frozen heart. But her love for him defies the Segregation Curse of Old, cast by the Elders to preserve ancient clan bloodlines.

Can they find a way around the Segregation Curse of Old to be together?

And with time running out as the Winter Solstice nears, will Winter be able to reverse the curse on her womb? Or will she agree to her fate and remain barren?

Published October 31st 2016 by Bellatrix Press

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance, Mystery

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“This is one of those reads you find yourself expressing awe at the turn of every page. It’s not only a work with a unique concept, but also pushes the limits of story expectation by surprising you with its narrative… And here’s the thing–in “Winter’s Curse” Wood springs the extraordinary on you in the most ordinary of ways, slipping it in-between the action. From slushy tears to segregation curses to broom flying contests to pennyroyal oil tea, Wood’s imaginative talent shines through… For the fantasy minded, the natural romantic, and the conscientious reader, “Winter’s Curse” will surely entertain.” –Literary Fiction Author, K.P. Ambroziak

“As a librarian, I find that high quality young adult literature is hard to come by. Yet author, April L. Wood, nails it on her first try.”– Amazon Reviewer

“From the first to the last page, I was hooked. This is not my normal genre of novels, but I absolutely loved it.” — Amazon Reviewer

“Winter’s Curse is part mystery, part romance, and infinitely readable. It’s the kind of story you want to gobble down in one sitting, then leisurely re-read so you can pick up all the magnificent details and nuances. Highly recommended.” — Author Jennifer Allis Provost

“This book is easily one of my favourite reads of the year and April is now an automatic 1-click author.” — Book Blogger L. Jones


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