Writer Wednesday: My Interview on The Huffington Post! #WriterWednesday #AuthorLife #HuffPo #WW

Welcome to another Writer Wednesday post!

This week I have exciting news: I was interviewed on The Huffington Post by Robin Raven! Usually, I’m the one to do the interviewing, on A Well Read Woman Blog. To have the tables turned was such a fun experience for me.


“April L. Wood is a new author with a lot to say. Winter’s Curse, her debut novel, was released in October 2016, and that’s not all that’s keeping April busy. She is also a book blogger for A Well Read Woman Blog, an author interviewer, a professional beta reader, and a caffeinated book reviewer. I was excited to be able to interview her about her book, career, and more…”

Please read more, here!

As a reminder, Winter’s Curse, the Kindle edition, is still on sale for 99 cents! I urge you to grab your copy before the sale ends! Grab your Kindle copy, here!

With the holidays around the corner, remember that books make great gifts! In Winter’s Curse, Winter Rose-Thorne is in a race against the clock to reclaim her womb — which was wagered in a broom-flying contest — before Yule, when the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the sun returns on the Winter Solstice. It’s heavy on (teen) romance and Wiccan spirituality, and a perfect gift for fans of the paranormal, witches, and the winter season.

Many have asked me what age range Winter’s Curse is — regarding if it would be appropriate to buy for their kids. My target audience is actually teens, even though so far it has appealed mostly to adults. I would describe Winter’s Curse as a young adult novel, that can be enjoyed by anyone aged eleven/twelve and up. It’s very light (not overly dark) with clean language and romance. Personally, if someone gifted me this book when I was middle-school aged, I would have been THRILLED.

Buy the paperback version, here! It will still arrive before Christmas!

Photo by Jacqueline E Smith

When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets her granddaughter’s womb in a broom flying contest – and loses, Winter wonders where the real danger lies: from the Witch Hunters she fled from the far North or her shady grandmother.

She finds safety with Turmeric of the Wormwood clan. His eagerness to protect her warms her frozen heart. But her love for him defies the Segregation Curse of Old, cast by the Elders to preserve ancient clan bloodlines.

Can they find a way around the Segregation Curse of Old to be together? And with time running out as the Winter Solstice nears, will Winter be able to reverse the curse on her womb?

Or will she agree to her fate and remain barren?

  • Series: Season Of The Witch
  • Paperback: 310 pages
  • Publisher: Bellatrix Press; 1 edition (October 28, 2016)
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

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