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writerwednesdaybanner1019Image result for bing comic con 2016This Saturday, I will assisting fellow Bellatrix Press author and best friend, Jennifer Allis Provost at Bing Comic Con, in Springfield, MA! Comic Con is a convention that celebrates fantasy, film, and comics. There will be 50+ tables of artists, a Cosplay contest, music by DJ Vertigo, and refreshments and lunch. I’m greatly looking forward to this event! If you are interested in attending, it’s only $5 at the door and will be held at the Trinity United Methodist Church, on Sumner Avenue between the hours of 11 am – 5 pm.

Next up, I have a 30 minute slot during Author S.E. Eaton’s cover reveal party on Facebook, Friday November 4th at 6pm Eastern time, where I will be discussing Winter’s Curse! There will be games and prizes as well as the cover reveal of Author S.E. Eaton’s heartwarming novelette, The Christmas Beagle! I hope to see you there!

I’m also hosting two e-book giveaways on A Well Read Woman Blog for a contemporary romance novella by Author Cat Nicolaou, and a chick lit, paranormal romance by Author Maggie Le Page. There is still time to enter and you can do so by clicking on the following links and leaving your email address in the comment sections! I will pick the winners with Random.Org on Halloween, 10/31!


The Trouble with Dying, by Author Maggie Le Page

When Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it’s a bad start to the week. A very bad start. She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off.

As if that’s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing her, and one devilishly delicious man making her wish she could have a second chance at life. And maybe she can, if she finds a way back into her body and wakes up by Friday. But if she doesn’t, this will be her last bad week–ever.

Nate Sutherland decided long ago he’d settle for friendship if he couldn’t have Faith’s heart. But now, as she nears death, he’s going to have to listen to his feelings in a whole new way–and act. Because if he doesn’t, this week will be the worst damn week of his life. He’ll lose everything he’s ever loved.

Enter to win!

whentimecomesWhen Time Comes (With Bonus Short Story: Sealed by a Kiss), by Author Cat Nicolaou

Two heart-warming contemporary romances for those who still believe in love.


Athena can’t avert her eyes. Alex Dane is back in Greece. Her mind wanders in time, six years ago, to the island of Rhodes. Three lustful days with him and a precious gift he left her with. All she needs is a leap of faith, but will he fly? Dare they dream again “When Time Comes”?


After a bad marriage, Jenny thinks she will never find happiness again. A strange coincidence changes her whole life and her new future is sealed by a long-awaited passionate kiss.

Enter to Win!

Lastly, my young adult, paranormal romance novel, Winter’s Curse is up for Pre-Order on Amazon, Kindle! The e-copy will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on Halloween, 10/31! As a reminder, print copies will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on 10/31, as well as Nook. 🙂 If you decide to buy a copy, know that I am forever grateful for your support! *Virtual Hugs* For more buy links (international) and to check out what others are saying about my debut novel, click here!

Girl with red roses

Before the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the Sun returns, will Winter reverse the curse?

When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets her granddaughter’s womb in a broom flying contest–-and loses, Winter wonders where the real danger lies: from the Witch Hunters she fled from the far North or her shady grandmother.

She finds safety with Turmeric of the Wormwood clan. His eagerness to protect her warms her frozen heart. But her love for him defies the Segregation Curse of Old, cast by the Elders to preserve ancient clan bloodlines.

Can they find a way around the Segregation Curse of Old to be together?

And with time running out as the Winter Solstice nears, will Winter be able to reverse the curse on her womb? Or will she agree to her fate and remain barren?

Publishing through Bellatrix Press, 10/31

Paperback: 310 Pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance, YA, Fantasy




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