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Call me crazy but I love literary tropes. Most tropes are the common building blocks for certain genres in fiction, and in general, they work as trusty old standbys. A lot has been discussed about romance tropes and young-adult tropes, but what about fantasy?


Fantasy is a genre of seemingly limitless possibilities. I enjoy writing fantasy fiction because it allows me to stray outside of the box. Just recently, I attempted to pull off a young-adult romance — A Diamond In The Rough — which turned into a dark fantasy before my very eyes.

Fantasy, for me, is more enjoyable to write. I also enjoy reading fantasy both to familiarize myself with the genre I write and because I enjoy escaping into fantasy worlds. Having read so many fantasy novels for pleasure and review, I’ve picked up on a few cliches/tropes.

So what about those tropes?

The most common tropes I have seen in fantasy are the following:

The Chosen One

The protagonist’s destiny in the story is to save the world from something bad. They may have been born for this sole purpose — a prophecy. Or, they have chosen to take upon The Big Bad on their own. In young-adult novels, The Chosen One, is usually female.

Secret Existence

The Secret Existence trope is common in urban fantasy novels where the humans, or whoever, cannot discover the protagonists true identity – or maybe they are a secret fairy/witch/alien and cannot be discovered at all because that would be very bad and maybe the humans would kill the fairy/witch/alien race, or *insert major crisis here if the true identity is discovered!*

Coming of Age Special Powers

Think Stephen King’s Firestarter, when little Charlie comes of a certain age and develops these amazing pyrokinetic abilities.


The protagonist is a Prince or Princess, or of some Royal blood, but doesn’t know it… yet. Or, they are an illegitimate child to a King and are kept hidden away for various reasons.

Good versus Evil

Where the ultimate personification of good battles the ultimate personification of evil.


Whether it’s a quest of self-realization, or a quest to locate a sword — most fantasy novels feature quests.


Whether it’s a witch/wizard/mage performing the magic, or if a talisman/amulet/book contains magic, you can bet to find a little magic in most fantasy novels.

What are your favorite fantasy novel tropes? Can you think of any to add to my list? Please leave your comments, below!

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