It’s Not Too Early To Talk About 2017 Goals, Is It? #WriterWednesday #goals #amwriting

Author Jennifer Allis Provost discusses her goals for 2017! #WriterWednesday

Author Jennifer Allis Provost

Last week, I talked about the goals I wouldn’t be achieving in 2016. That led me to make a list of twelve possible goals for 2017, and by making it public with y’all, I have accountability. Um, eek.

While not all of these are specifically writing-related, they will all propel me toward my ultimate goal of leaving the DDJ (that’s Dreaded Day Job, a term coined by Nick Stephenson), giving myself the time and space to devote to my writing, and living a simpler, happier life with my husband and the Wonder Twins.

And Maggie, the Wonder Dog. (Don’t tell the parrot I couldn’t find a picture of her.)

13094379_1019973338090052_2862874367491170561_n Magpie Belinda, Doggie Extraordinaire

Without further ado, here is my 2017 goal list:

  1. Increase readership – because let’s start the list with a crap ton of work. More detail to come on this.
  2. Have a beginner homestead up and running…

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