Shhhh… Listen! I have a major announcement! @Bellatrix_Press @Parthalan @KendryBird #Announcement #Publishing #DarkFantasy #BellatrixPress #AmWriting

Welcome all!

I mentioned on Facebook that I have something MAJOR brewing in my cauldron. I am so excited to share the news!

I have parted ways (on good terms) with my former publisher and have resigned my book series, Season of the Witch, with Bellatrix Press – an imprint of Prince and Pauper Publishing. Bellatrix Press brings magical stories into your world, one book at a time.

Bellatrix is known for their dark fantasy and horror – Season of the Witch the book series will fit right in!

So, of course this means I will have a new book cover – which is brewing as we speak. But, I can share with you a tiny sneak peek of the corner!

croppedcurseThat’s it for now!

The artwork on my cover was created by FairyTale Design and will be designed by my dear friend, Author Jacqueline E Smith! I can’t wait to see her work her magic!

Here are the upcoming titles to be released through Bellatrix Press:

Winter’s Curse: Season of the Witch Book 1, by Author April L Wood – Expected Publication October 2016

The Unlove Spell, by Author Kendra L Saunders – Expected Publication December 2016 (Check out her cover reveal, here!)

Rise of the Deva’shi: Chronicles of Parthalan Book 3, by Author Jennifer Allis Provost ย – Expected Publication December 2016

The Twenty Seven Kingdoms, by Author J.A. Noble – Release date TBA

Stay tuned for my next blog post: Meet The Authors of Bellatrix Press!

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