July Reading Recap: Featured the Works of @AuthorBernette,@AKelleherAuthor, @JohnHeldt,@LorettaNyhan, @HazelHughesER #NationalBookLoversDay

Happy national book lovers day!

Welcome, bookworms to my July reading recap! The following are condensed book reviews of novels I’ve read in July. For full book reviews – which include Amazon and Goodreads links, please click on the links or visit A Well Read Woman Blog!

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chosenI began the month with CHOSEN, by author A. Bernette. CHOSEN is a futuristic, dystopian novel about a select group of children (the chosen) who receive doses of a controversial serum shot. Each child is “designed” to perform certain missions, as well as having a certain talent/gift that sets them apart from the others. However, at this stage in the game, the chosen don’t appear to be up to the task to win the battle. And it doesn’t help that even they don’t know their own purpose, nor their unique talents and abilities.

I loved the rich setting of this novel. Everything was very industrial and sterile, much how I would imagine the world to be in one-hundred-fifty years. The world building was superb and had me lost in the pages.

The ending really surprised me and was truly dystopian. I would recommend this read to fans of apocalyptic-type science fiction with young adult heroes!


Next, I read THE GHOST AND KATIE COYLE, a paranormal romance by Anne Kelleher.

I22745255n THE GHOST AND KATIE COYLE: After cheated forever of the life he was supposed to lead, the woman he loved, and their unborn child, the tenth Earl of Kilmartin haunts the shore where he died – looking for the woman he loves, even if it takes him an eternity.

After two hundred years of him longing, a young woman moves into the house by the shore where he haunts, and she bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved. Could her arrival mean something for him?

Oh, does it ever!

I’ve read a lot of books by this mega-talented author and I can honestly say this one is my favorite! I love reading paranormal romances and this one was all the better because the hero wasn’t of the living variety.:) I really liked the setting of this novel and the world-building made me feel like I was there with the characters. I wish Pond House really did exist. It sounds like an awesome place with all the gardens, waterfalls, and of course, Derry, the tenth Earl of Kilmartin! I loved the idea behind the Stones and how they enabled him to manifest physically.

I would recommend this story to fans of paranormal romance, fans of happily-ever-afters, and fans of anything and everything Irish.


themirrorThen, I read THE MIRROR, by John A. Heldt. THE MIRROR, a science fiction novel, is book five in a five-part series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

In THE MIRROR: When Ginny and twin sister Katie ignore the warnings of a carnival fortune-teller and enter a house of mirrors, they find themselves time-traveling back to the 1960’s. Exiting into a *very* different world, they use their wits to survive. Along the way, they meet their great-grandmother, experience some serious culture shock, and even find love.

What made this installment of the Northwest Passage series special to me was that Ginny and Katie were twins and experience time-travel together. I loved the idea of how they entered a house of mirrors and exited into the past. What was also of interest is that the story begins in 2020.

I would recommend THE MIRROR to fans of time-travel sci-fi!


After, I read ALL THE GOOD PARTS, a women’s fiction/chick lit by Loretta Nyhan. I very much enjoyed the humorous writing style of Loretta Nyhan and her quirky

allthegoodparts1In ALL THE GOOD PARTS: When Leona’s gynecologist tells her that she’s running out of time to have a baby, Leona panics and considers all her options. Adoption and fertility treatments are expensive. And since she can’t afford expensive medical visits to conceive, she purchases a glorified turkey baster to do the trick. But first, she needs a man… and the courage to ask him, of course!

I highly recommend this read to fans of romantic comedies and women’s fiction. Lighthearted and full of surprises, this book is a winner!


Last, I read DANCE WITH ME, an erotic romance by Hazel Hughes.

31114524In DANCE WITH ME: Sherry, a reporter, will do anything to discover the truth – even if it means putting her own life in danger. Her mother always told her if she goes looking for trouble, she will find it. Unfortunately, Sherry finds just that, in the form of Ukrainian Dance God, Alexi Davydenko and the ballet company he works for.

This novel combines erotic romance with suspense, making for a thrilling page-turner! Sherry Wilson-Wong was a very likeable protagonist. I admired her drive and bravery. It was enjoyable to read the story through her point-of-view.

I would recommend this read to fans of erotic romance and fans of suspense. If you’re a fan of both, all the better!


Thank you so much for checking out my book recommendations! Happy reading! 🙂


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