June Recap: #WriterWednesday #AmBlogging #AmWriting

I submerged myself into reading this month in an attempt to both catch up on my endless TBR review queue, but also to distract myself while my MS, Winter’s Curse, is in with the editor. Reading to me is my greatest escape and the following are the books I’ve read and reviewed this month on A Well Read Woman Blog. We will call this section #AmBlogging.

IMG_20160603_140909On June 3rd, I read and reviewed Clearwater Witches Book 1, Crystal Magic. Crystal Magic, by author Madeline Freeman is a young-adult, paranormal romance. I was wrapped up in a magical, fictional world of witchcraft, crystals, psychics, and the paranormal. I’d recommend this book to fans of teen witch stories.

On June 6th, I read and reviewed Knife Skills, A Trudi Wells Cozy IMG_20160606_133339Mystery, by author Julie Adler. Knife Skills is about a smart-mouthed, impulsive news reporter, who gets reassigned as a food critic, and finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery. The price (.99 cents) for this book is unbeatable, so if you enjoy cozy mysteries, check out my review and grab yourself a copy!

IMG_20160609_114038On June 12th, I read The Swap: A Mystery, by author Nancy Boyarsky. “The Swap: A Mystery” is a twisty, Hitchkockian tale of an innocent abroad, a houseswap gone bad, a dangerous case of mistaken identity and a wild ride from London up the West Coast of Scotland. The Swap is a female-driven mystery tale with a new secret revealed with each turn of the page. A definite page turner, The Swap delivers on its promise as being a “Hitchkokian tale”. Part of what makes this story so suspenseful, is that she is in another country with completely different customs and ways of doing thing. She is essentially on her own and she has two choices: sink or swim. I’d recommend this story to fans of women’s fiction and mystery/thrillers.

Also on June 12th, I read Adventures in Funeral Crashing,  a young-adult mystery by author IMG_20160612_161120Milda Harris. Adventures in Funeral Crashing is a tale about an outcast who has a strange hobby… funeral crashing. At one of these funerals she meets the most popular guy in school, Ethan, who has just lost his sister. From there, Kait finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery with Ethan by her side. I’d recommend this story to preteens who enjoy romantic young adult stories.

27858685On June 14th, I read The Show, The Northwest Passage Series Book 3, by Author John A Heldt. Having read the first two books in this series, I knew what to expect of this story: Young love, and time travel via portals are the main themes of The Northwest Passage Series. This story picks up from The Mine, book I. I’d recommend this story to fans of time travel and science fiction stories.

On June 18th, I read All Secrets Lead To Lies,  a suspenseful short story by IMG_20160617_170411author Annie Kelleher. All Secrets Lead To Lies is a perfect read for a lunch break, or whenever you have precious little time to read. This short story packs a PUNCH! I’d recommend it to fans of mysteries and suspense.

IMG_20160618_154233On June 19th, I read How To Be A Happy Slob, also by author Annie Kelleher. This self-help non-fiction prompted me to do some self-examination. I’d recommend it to people who are looking for tips about home improvement.

Lastly, on June 25th, I read The Fire, The Northwest Passage Series Book 4, by Author John A Heldt. This time-traveling adventure was inspired by major historical events: the great fire of 1910, caused by the Halley’s Comet which led to a huge wildfire. This science fiction novel weaves romance with time-travel. Throw in an awrwbookreviewTheFireadventurous twenty-two year old, who can’t help but to meddle with with history, and you have yourself a great read! I’d recommend it to fans of time-travel and science fiction.

I’ve also shined the author spotlight on two very talented women, author Jacqueline E. Smith and Marsha A Moore – where I featured their book reviews and interviews I have conducted in the past. In addition, I featured author extraordinaire Mary Smith‘s book, No More Mulberries, as well as a fascinating character interview with the protagonist of No More Mulberries, Miriam!

There were also a couple book promos, one for Santa’s Vegan Christmas, a children’s tale written by Robin Raven, and illustrated by Kara Maria Schunk. Another was for Lurking in the Shadows, a horror anthology. Tomorrow, I will be revealing another book promo, but that’s under wraps for now. 🙂

brennaBut what about #AmWriting? Well, I wrote and submitted a short horror story, to the New England Horror Writers submission department and I’m hoping it will be accepted for the Wicked Witches Anthology that will be coming out in October of this year. My story is titled Brenna’s Revenge, about an elemental fire witch name Brenna, who haunts an old fireplace, (and the young married couple who’ve bought the house). So cross your fingers and toes for me, please!

I also attended the Mystic Author Signing Event, (MASE) with author Jennifer Allis Provost at the beginning of June and we had a great time. You can read more about that, here!


So that’s my June recap in blogging and writing! I hope you also had a productive month! Happy reading and happy writing! 🙂

***Click on underlined text to view book reviews, author spotlights, and promos.



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